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About NigerianWomenWorld.com

I have always wanted to help Nigerian women who are suffering from sexual harassment, sexual abuse, and sexual prejudice and to share information on important topics that affect our everyday lives. What better way to reach Nigerian women worldwide than via the internet?

This site will also serve as a forum where Nigerian women, especially those in the diaspora from 18 years of age and up can gather to learn about our rich culture back home.

NigerianWomenWorld.com encourages all Nigerian women who visit this site to share their ideas and experiences as well as ask questions and get satisfactory answers (via a discussion forum) from the more experienced among us.

As the saying goes, “Two (good) heads are better than one.” To this effect, we will give every Nigerian woman who visits this site the opportunity to brainstorm on challenging topics so as to enlighten and uplift.

Remember, “United we stand, divided we fall!!”


Edidiong Akpan-Iquot
President, NigerianWomenWorld.com and
Peer Educator, Girls Power Initiative